Cape Town to Port Elizabeth

I don’t travel a lot. However, when i do get the opportunity i prefer going by road. Firstly, because it is generally the cheaper option. Secondly, i enjoy looking out the window especially if it is during the day.
One gets to see a lot things depending on where you coming from and heading to. I like the physical features; mountains, valleys, rivers, vegetation etc. i consider them “What is left of the Garden of Eden”… what the humans haven’t destroyed yet!
Some months ago I was travelling back to PE from the Mother City, I had the camera so i did my thing. After a week that side, i had had my fair dose of the Table Mountain. It is cool,unique and has the beautiful city of Cape Town at its feet. In the middle of nowhere, we also have lovely mountains. like this one

To see more Piqs of what i saw during the trip click HERE!!!

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