Finally the Blog is here!

Hello Friends,
Thank you for stopping by and welcome!
My name is Viqta and i love the camera. This is where i will be posting up the best piqs from my weekly shoots…
As you may know or are about to find out… I am a very spontaneous person and I am interested in so many things at the same time. So for this reason, you shall find in the pages different types of piqs; Landscapes, Freeze action, People, Pets and all other things I can get in front of my camera lens.
I am always behind the lens so you won’t see piqs of ME! lol

This is my piq of the week 🙂


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandy Bih says:

    Finally! so good to see your work nicely packaged here. I firmly believe someday on this blog, I'll get to see you 😉

  2. Viqta says:

    Hey Bih-youty, Thanqs for checking in… am glad the work is finally getting out there slowly 😀

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